Emily's Wishlist

Updated June 2011


High Ticket/Want Items

Want/Need tools/supplies

Random Want

Gift Cards


only this list is in order of what i want the most

Interchangable Needle Set - metal or arylic

Nerima Daikon Brothers DVD


Art Jewelry Zine

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens $90

Xuron 9100 Cutters dosnt matter were they are bought

Homestuck Pins

The Ring Lord

Step By Step Wire Jewelry Zine

Pixiu Dragon - $108 (lt tan or purple, non painted)

digital caliber

Homestuck necklace (small)

Denver Dolls

Teahouse Comics - all

Sewing Machine(plus 1/4" foot) $200

DPN Case

Homestuck Wall Scrol- (this one)

Hobby Lobby

Starfighter Comic - all

Holga Lens for Camera $46.85

DIY Doll eyes

16mm Glow doll eyes

Fire Mountain Gems

SotD Comics - all

Thunder - NS color $188

tiny blk and white zippers

16 or 14 Gear doll eye

Half Price Books

Off-site lists

Batboy w/accessories grey $150

tiny black and white 2-hole buttons

Archie McPhee Supruse box

Torrid Gift

Amazon List

Strobe Lighting $123.31

doll eye sheet for DIY eyes

Stone beer gargoyle glasses

Dick Blick Art Supply

Body Art Forms





Hobby Lobby

    Any Devil Duckie besides the original(red) or dead duck

Mint On Card

Dick Blick
    Gargoyles - bouse for wall mounted things or lamps    

The following is a list of items I would like form (mostly)inexpensive sites that dont offer gift cards..

Body Modern - Cheap Body Jewelry


Ment on Card - Doll Stuff


Various BJD Wishlist

2 0g Bullseye wood plug(slecled one)   Belt   all dolls with no faceup
2 0g & 2 12g Steel Earlets w/0-ring   Socks   Thunder NS $188
2 0g Black Triangular Tunnels   Doll Mechanical Arm   MSD Boy Body NS $88 + MSD boy head $38
2 0g Black Abalone Plugs   Mr. Super Clear   Batboy w/accessories grey $150
2 0g Opal Tunnels   Extra Elastic   DollFactory Bobo white $125
2 0g Mirror Plugs   any 8.5 wig   Resin soul Dian - dark grey(must email to order specil color) $87
2 0g Zebra Plugs   Red/Black Eyes   Impldoll Cyril $145
2 0g Red Glitter Plugs   Red Pupil Eyes   RS Ai doll Natural skin, and a set of Dan Horns (both non painted) $218
2 0g Bullet/Circ Plug   Yellow Cat Eyes   RS MSD Rong coffee $150
2 0g Marbled Plugs   grey boots   BJD Skull $65
2 12g DNA Spiral Fancy Industrual   red slip on shoes  

Pipos Cheshire w/jointed tail $267

2 0g black/blueish carnival glass tusks   checkered slip on shoes   HZDoll Hui Ka Head white $110
2 0g any color spirals or Serpentine Spirals   black sneakers    
2 0g white star spirals, or white skull talons   green sneakers    
0g white skull tiki tapers   white doll fists    
several 0g clear o-rings        
2 14g short spike        
2 12g skull CBRs        
3 14g any color Neon Niobium CBRs        
2 black bones CZ Dangle CBR        
3 14g 3/8 black Nio CBR w/Steel Ball (bottom)       most of the above can be bought via denverdoll or mentoncardinc
2 0g Chrysocolla teardrops        
2 0g black sllicone pulgs        
2 0g neon spirals        
2 0g Areng Checker Plugs        
2 0g Tribal neon spirals        
3 or 4 black 0g Earskin Tunnels        
2 0g zebra pirals        
2 0ga skull tapers        
1 pair 0ga mother of peral wings        
2 0ga abalone plugs